American Girl Pajama Pancake Party

American Girl Pajama Pancake Party

American Girl Pajama Pancake Party

The American Girl doll seems like a right of passage to many girls.  Learning to take care of these little treasures.  Primping and dressing her in the same way they wish to do for themselves.  Have you been to one of the American Doll stores?  Get out!  It makes me want to play with dolls again.  Aaahhhh… it’s a magical time to be a girl.  Which is probably why this little girl wanted her special day to be themed around her American Girl doll, Isabelle.  Well, that… and breakfast food.  This little darling is a fruit-bacon-pancake-lover.  (Who isn’t, right?)

Pajama Party Plan

It was to be a fantastic all-girl party with all the fun of a sleepover without the commitment.  Perfect for younger girls who may not be comfortable sleeping away from home yet or for the party mom who doesn’t want to commit to an overnight stay.    The girls all arrived in their favorite pajamas with their favorite doll and we headed to the back yard to enjoy the morning sunshine and celebrate a birthday.

American Girl Pajama Pancake Party - The Setup

American Girl Pajama Pancake Party – The Setup

The Table.    Since this was a drop off party, the number of attendees was kept low enough that a setting could be made for each guest.  The food was displayed in the center of the table on ceramic and glass platters.    We opted for paper party wear to add to the color palette and ease of cleanup.  Mixing plates, napkins, colors and patterns kept it fun and bright!  The girls just loved the bow napkins.  The little printable tag in the center of the bows helped tie in the theme.  Check out our tutorial on how to make bow napkins here.


The Lounge.    The benches, chairs, and tables were strewn with cozy blankets and pillows.  This not only made the area a comfy space, but also brought in color and added to the sleepover feel of the morning.  A perfect spot for the girls to pose for a group picture and huddle around while the birthday girl opened her gifts.


The Dessert Cabinet.   This white cabinet was a perfect place to display the desserts and hold the party favors.  This treasure was a curb-side find about four houses down.  It used to be a dark walnut stain finish.  A little white paint  and some elbow grease lightened it up and made it perfect for our use.  Dragging it home nearly cost me my marriage, but that only slightly diminished my joy over this find.


Pancakes and Party Food

Pancakes, believe it or not, are just as easy as a pizza party.  You don’t even have to cook the pancakes that day.  Actually, you don’t even have to cook the pancakes at all.  For this party, I purchased packaged frozen mini pancakes which made preparation ridiculously simple and the display was super adorable.  Add to that precooked bacon, washed and ready fresh fruit and you are done with food!

Tip:  Keep food simple and pre-prep everything you can before the day of the party!  For this party, buying precooked items was the ticket.  It looks amazing because of the presentation, which is easily done ahead of time – –  long popsicle sticks with a personalized printable star tags by Pinkadot – –  they are a perfect way to stack and spear single servings of mini pancakes, and make a ‘wow-worthy’ display.

The cake earned  some oohs and aahs even with its simplicity.   I was a little last minute in the decision-making on the dessert choice, so ordering a specialty cake from my favorite bakery was just not an option.  I think this cake ended up looking just as cute and the birthday girl was happy as can be!  We settled on a plain white cake and kept it and plain as possible.  We gave it a sprinkling of fun with the birthday girl’s name spelled out in stars shooting out of the cake which definitely upped its wow-factor.  You can get your cake stars here.

Pancakes and Party Food

Star-Studded Fun

The birthday girl and her guests really just wanted to play with their dolls together and have a dance party in their pajamas. So the planned activities were limited. Just a couple. And it was perfect.

Sleep Mask Craft.   The girls enjoyed decorating their own kitty sleep masks. The craft items were prepped so that all the girls had to do was choose the lashes and nose and ears and stick them on. Check back for a craft tutorial on these adorable masks.

Spin the Bottle.   This was not your typical spin the bottle game.  The girls all gathered around a spinner, which was taken from a twister game and modified temporarily with a printable you can find here. A different color or nail polish surrounded the spinner and all the girls took turns spinning to see what color they landed on. One by one each of their nails were painted a different color.  The girls LOVED this game!


Make This Party Yours

Be sure to stop by Pinkadot Shop on Etsy and get your own American Girl party printables.


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Leave a comment!  Tell me what you think of this party or share some of your pajama party wins with us, too!

Enjoy the party!



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