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This was the theme my daughter chose for her 4th birthday party.  She loves to bake with her mommy and help out in the kitchen, afterall this mommy enjoys baking and cooking.  I normally use baking as a stress reliever.  However, the thought of baking with 16 4-year-olds was a bit frightening for me.  A “bit” might be a understatement.  “Completely terrified” is a more accurate description.  But, I digress.  With a little planning and some test runs with my kids, the reservations about this ontaking faded and the practice was even a little theraputic.  It has been decided, we are having a baking party, so onward we go.


The Bake Shoppe party printables by Pinkadot Shop had a vintage bakery feel, complete with the classic pink gingham, bright blue, vanilla and a touch of chocolate.  These were classic, fun and easy colors and patterns to create around.  I worked the Bake Shoppe Collection design around a custom cookbook printable I created for a client.  That was where I first designed the hanging utensil bakery logo.  I loved it, and after slight alterations and the addition of our chosen colors and patterns, we arrived at Pinkadot Shop’s Bake Shoppe Collection.


Everyone raved over this bakery themed cake!  Of course this is the customary response to every cake Johnnie Messler of Something Sweet has created for us.  She is near and dear to my heart and I am never disappointed in her edible artwork.


I have had so much feedback over the birthday girl’s custom apron and matching chef hat by my friend Angie Cole of Sassy Bluebird.  She and her kiddos came over for a playdate over the summer and her daughter was wearing a gorgeous dress, one of Angie’s own creations.  I asked her to make Haley’s apron with that same feel.  I fully trusted her fabric choices and design.  When it came in the mail it was a complete surprise to both Haley and I.  An absolutely amazing apron that made the birthday girl stand out on her special day. LOVE.

The Party Plan

Inside Play.  We created a little bake shoppe in the dining room by moving all our dining room furniture out and bringing in the birthday girl’s play kitchen set with all it’s food, cookware, and dishes.  (Now, you know my husband must love me a lot to allow me to rearrange the house for this!)  Add a coffee table or two to act as mini dining area and the entire space was transformed into a kid-sized bakery.  Perfect for Chef Haley and all her little chef friends to begin cooking up some good times. A craft table was also set up for the kids to make macaroni necklaces at their leisure.

Cooking Class.  This is where the fun really started!  Each baker suited up in his and her aprons to start.  We began by taking turns adding pre-measured ingredients, stirring and scooping cookie dough onto a cookie sheet.  *tip: have a batch already made like they do on the cooking shows when they magically reveal the delicious final product.  We moved onto making rice krispie and marshmallow skewers using pre-cubed rice treats.  We saved the most fun (and most mess) for last…. cupcake decorating!  Bagged and tinted frostings and sprinkles galore!  The cutest touch to these little chef creations was the 3D personalized tags.  Each skewer and cupcake pick had the lil chefs’ names on them so they could ID their baked goods later to take home in personal pastry boxes.  Just look at the kids’ faces (even the boys) in these candid photos!  To me, that says it all.

Outside Games.  After the sugar indulgence hit their bloodstreams we took the party outside for some baking themed activities!  The kids lined up for some trampoline ‘popcorn’, an egg in spoon race and flour sack race.  It went great but we ended up being short on photos.  Why?   Florida+August=Afternoon Thunderstorms.


talent credits

printable and event styling: Yours Truly, Pinkadot Shop.  FL

cake: Something Sweet Cake Studio.  FL

apron: Sassy Bluebird.  TX

photos: Bitz of Life Photography.  FL


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Stacy Hunt, Pinkadot Shop


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    1. Chrissy Lacomb

      07/10/2013 at 12:15 am

      I would love to have this apron for my daughter’s baking party! Do you know how I can get in touch with Sassy bluebird?

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