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Paper Napkin Bows

Tutorial:  Napkin Bows

Napkin Bow Tutorial

One of the best things about a party is the special extras that are infused into the day.  For example, my children eat fruit all the time, but cut it up small and stick a skewer through it and it becomes so much more than a lunch box side item.  This is the same thinking that goes along with party styling.  Take the usual and bump it up a bit.  No, you don’t have to do that with every single aspect of your party.  To do that would be gaudy and, well, exhausting.  However, by incorporating a few little extras here and there can really set it apart from the everyday! Continue reading

American Girl Pajama Pancake Party

American Girl Pajama Pancake Party

American Girl Pajama Pancake Party

The American Girl doll seems like a right of passage to many girls.  Learning to take care of these little treasures.  Primping and dressing her in the same way they wish to do for themselves.  Have you been to one of the American Doll stores?  Get out!  It makes me want to play with dolls again.  Aaahhhh… it’s a magical time to be a girl.  Which is probably why this little girl wanted her special day to be themed around her American Girl doll, Isabelle.  Well, that… and breakfast food.  This little darling is a fruit-bacon-pancake-lover.  (Who isn’t, right?) Continue reading

The Great Outdoors

Let’s Make S’mores in the Great Outdoors

I love this outdoorsy theme!  It can be used for so many other themed parties; camping, s’more, wildlife, reptile, ranger, or just about any party that takes place outside.  YES!  I said outside.  That should immediately translate in your mind to, “OMG, my house will remain intact and mess-free!”  And it will.  It did.  Whether you host it in your own backyard, at a park, or some other outside venue, the mess stays out!

The birthday boy asked for camping party, so we created an outdoors party with a little camping twist to it. Continue reading

Monster High Collection

Thank you everyone for pushing me to finally list this collection in my shop.  I have had several inquiries lately since so many of you have seen the party after it’s several party features

Continue reading

Bake Shoppe Party


Welcome to Haley’s Bake Shoppe!

This was the theme my daughter chose for her 4th birthday party.  She loves to bake with her mommy and help out in the kitchen, Continue reading

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