…so how come I have the same problems?

Ok, so I am about a full month late on this post, but hey, it’s better than being late at some *other* thing.  Let’s just chalk January up as a wash!  We had a lovely family road trip vacation for 2 weeks just after Christmas.  My husband and I and our 2 preschoolers (4- and 3-years-old) left Florida and headed to Washington DC for a few days, then Williamsburg, VA, and ended it with a last minute trip to Maggie Valley, NC (very near Gatlinburg TN) to see some snow.  It was amazing, fun, educational, and no one choked anyone out during the long hours in the car.  I would say, it was a HUGE success.  We arrived home exhausted yet unscathed.  All was well except that EVERY one in my household has been on the sick rotation since we arrived home from vacation.  And I mean it literally, as soon as we got home. Boo!  So here we are, about to start February and I am just now about to think about what I want for the new year for Pinkadot.  We are just now showing signs of retracting illness.  I am optimistic that February is this family’s fresh start!
Let’s Talk Resolutions


This list is VERY similar to the list I had going into the printables business. This just shows it takes a while to start up a business when your primary job is being a mommy to 2 beautiful pre-school-aged children. It won’t be long before I will have more time to dedicate to acheiving these goals, when my kids are in school full-time, and that fact also weighs heavily on my heart.

Thanks for reading!  Keep partying!

Stacy Hunt
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