Yep!  Pinkadot added a TMNT collection to the shop!  These pieces all sprang from a single idea (which came to me in one of the two quiet moments I get as a mother – in the shower – and lets face it, even shower serenity gets interrupted quite frequently so I count this as a rare and lucky moment.)  Oh yeah, the idea!  Turtles on a Half Shell Lollypops!  It is the Ninja Turtle version of the Superhero Caped Cutouts.  I like to call this new design Shelled Cutouts.


Shelled Cutouts

These guys are so easy to put together!  The instructions are right on the PDF.  All you will need to put these Shelled Cutouts together is card stock, scissors, tape, a hole punch and lollypops.


Turtle Collection Printables

All the items in the collection are available in instant download versions.  That means, if you do not require personalized pieces, or just don’t have the time to wait for them, you can purchase and download these items right away!  The favor tags, circle tags, and water bottle labels shown above are the personalized versions, also available.  Check out the entire Ninja Turtle Collection at Pinkadot Shop on Etsy!


As always, if you require pieces not seen in these photos or in the shop, please contact me.  We love to add pieces to our collections.  Thank you!


Thanks for reading, party dudes!


Stacy Hunt, Pinkadot


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