After a long hot Florida summer, I am waving the orange and earthy flag, urging some slightly cooler weather our way. While patiently waiting on the cool, I will settle for an autumn explosion by design. The colors that drew me in this year are orange, grey, yellow and white.

No tricks. Just treats.

We have halloween mini candy bar wrappers, personalized 2-sided tags, and even complete candy favors shipped to you!

No Tricks Chevron Mini Candy Bar Wrappers


No Tricks Polka Dot Mini Candy Bar Wrappers


No Tricks Chevron Candy Favors


No Tricks Polka Dot Candy Favors


ThankFALL for YOU.

This version works all season long as well as for treats in those classrooms where Halloween themed treats are discouraged. I know some of these tags will be on yummy baked goods that my neighbors will enjoy this year.

ThankFALL for YOU tags and Candy Favors


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