I snapped a few pictures as I was putting together a small display for my son’s Kindergarten Halloween party. My husband is impressed.  Which means yesterday’s realization (er, shocking discovery) of the water bottle labels is forgiven.  I was careful to put all my crafting supplies away and repack all the goodies for transport to school.  Yet, I still got all kind of questions, such as, “whats that black cloth?”,  “Where did that crate come from?” and “I thought the other parents were supplying all the food and treats.”  Dang!  Ok.  So… I assured him that the snacks were our kids’.  Yeah, thats about all that I could qualify on the spot.  Why I didn’t have a better response ready, I do not know.  HOWEVER, I overheard his phone call to his grandmother last night (she turned 91 yesterday and still going strong… out with friends and driving everywhere several times a week.  Go NANA!).  He was bragging on how involved I am with the kids’ classes and how excited they are to have a mommy who comes into school to help out.  It warmed my heart (and basically gave me all the permission I needed to continue on overdoing and overthinking anything that has to do with the kids).  But I digress… (as usual).

Anyway, I have a whole party planned for the class.  I try to stick with 4 to 5 activity stations and snacks.  I have asked parents to donate snack items and I will take take care of the activities.  (Here I go an another tangent:) I am fairly certain that parents have NO CLUE that when room parents ask for help with supplies, that what is not donated comes out of our pockets.  Here’s my advice.  DONATE.  Give extra supplies when the teacher puts a list of needs out in a newsletter.  Chances are, she/he is asking for the bare minumum.  Teachers and their helpers spend so much of their own money on things to make our kids’ learning experiences extra special.  Please give if you are able to.  We entrust our ‘babies’ to these people.  Let’s all take care of them, too.

The Party Plan: Activity Stations

Pin the Bow on the Skeleton

Easy peesy, fun, and cute!  I found a printable design that you simply cut out and paste on black paper.  Thats the free version (which I fully planned to do).  Then there was a sale at Target and I got a child-sized felt skeleton for less than $5 and decided it was worth it.  Afterall, I have a preschooler and can use it again for her K party next year, right?  I made some bows out of ribbon I have on hand and have sticky dots to pin them on with.  First activity is ready.

Mystery Bowls

I have 3 candy jars that which will become super creepy in just a few days.  The openings will be covered with black felt with a slit for little hands to enter through.  Inside will be a variety of “body parts”.  The first will contain cold spagehetti, the second will have several ziplocks full of pudding, and the third will have skinned grapes.  The kds will be blindfolded.  I can’t wait to see how this one goes!

Witch Hat Ring Toss

Simple and fun!  Black card stock cut and glued into cones.  6 hats set out  in a pyramid  shape.  Rings (or girls’ bracelets) to toss.  Done!

Five Little Pumpkins – FREE DOWNLOAD

There is a supre cute story/song that goes along with this!  I shortened it to a single page story and the kids can draw in the pumpkin faces.  Feel free to print and share!!!

Boo to you!


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Stacy Hunt

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