with a little trail of ants, too!

A spring picnic party!  How bright and fun, right?!?  Perfect for little Gavin’s 1st birthday celebration which took place the day before Easter.  The gingham patterns in blues and yellows gave this party a classically country chic look while the trail of ants kept it fun and young for the little man of honor.

I don’t always get the opportunity to craft for my clients, as most of you find me through Etsy and are some truly talented DIY-ers.  When this client asked for a birthday hat to match the rest of the items, I said sure.  Did I have any clue what type of hat I would make?  No.  Not a single thought.  I do, however, have an “I can do anything” mentality.  Whether that is based in reality, is yet to be seen, BUT I must admit this little birthday hat turned out super cute!  (I can’t wait to try a girly version.)  I also made a little birthday pin to match for Gavin to wear out of some extras I had laying around.

We created several banners for tables and for marking the Egg Hunt starting line.  The “Happy 1st Birthday Gavin” banner had a trail of ants marching the length of the banner on each strung pennant.

Here is a photo of the hang tags for the favor baskets.  The client used adorable mini picnic baskets of treats and attached these coordinting tags to them.

Somehow I missed photographing the invitation and the signs, so those will have to be posted later.


Thanks for reading!

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