My Summer Wins 2011

As summer is coming to a close, the back-to-school blues are setting in (for me, not my kids).  I find myself thinking about how fast the summer went by and wondering if I accomplished anything by deciding to keep the kids home with me rather than in summer programs.  They are growing so fast and I wanted to soak up all kinds of fun moments and teach them a little something too.  In reflection, I came up with this list (in no particular order) of FIVE things I gave my children this summer.

  1. My time.  Simple, I know, but not always easy.  Both my 4-year-old and my (nearly) 3-year-old are asking question after question.  Those young inquisitive minds.  What kind of a parent would I be not to take the time to answer them all.  Brayden (4) wants to know what happens to the food we eat, where it goes in your body, and after it comes out he wants to know where the toilet takes it, how it gets there and on and on.  Haley (3) wants to know simpler things, usually. She loves bugs and worms.  Of course my girl likes the slimey things!  Go figure.
  2. No television or movies.  Ok, so they watched a little in the morning when mommy is having her coffee, but then the TV went off and the imaginations took over.  I was amazed at how interactive they were playing with one another and how their imaginations played off of each others stories.  Simply amazed.  This, however. was one of those gifts I gave the kids that was a true gift.  Allowing the house to become a disaster area and not nag them about picking up toys while they played was a serious practice in restraint for me.
  3. Let them help. By simply allowing Brayden and Haley help me around with chores around the house, cooking and baking, made everyday necessities a fun teaching activity.  Thier favorite was defintiely cooking and baking with mommy.  They helped me measure ingedients, count the eggs and assemble their own lunches.  This dragged out the process quite a bit and definitely borders on qualifying to be included in the first entry of this list, “my time.”
  4. Explore and exercise.  Nearly every evening (when the summer thunderstorms held off) we took nature walks in the neighborhood.  We visited two neighborhood parks and on the way discovered all kinds of living (and previously living) things.  We have a family of cranes that likes our neighborhood, as well as interesting creepy crawly squirmy things (which Haley is nuts about) and big sticks to carry and poke things with (that has ‘Brayden’ written all over it).  A beach vacation also ended up being a wonderful exploration tool.  We road the beach trolley, took walks galore, and spent hours in wade pools created at low tide and watched how all different creatures lived and moved and fed.
  5. Swimming lessons.  We live in Florida.  We live near water.  Swimming lessons and practice is a must.  Thats all I need to say about that.
Thanks for reading!
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    1. Love this! What I wouldn’t do to have more quality time with my children! I envy that you have the summer with them. They will certainly cherish that time with you and all the teaching tools and opportunities you give them!

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