Earth Day

If you think printables and swanky parties can’t be earth friendly, think again!  I have compiled some ideas on keeping your party planet friendly and fun games and activities to play this earth day, or any day of the year!



Printables are great because you can print only what you need. I always make the most of my paper by filling it up with designs and printing only what I need for the party at hand.

You can take it one step further and choose to print on recycled cardstock, envelopes and even party paper products.

Go even further to save the planet by asking for image files to be used as evites. You still get the impact of theming and coordinating your party with the lowest impact on the environment


Of course you LOVE the look of using all those pretty paper decor items; banners, pom poms, tags, etc.  After the party, hang the banners and pom poms in your child’s room.  It may not match the decor, but they will love it and it will remind them of their special day so they can re-live the memories.  My son talks about his parties nearly every night when I put him to bed for that reason.  (We also talk about the ‘next party’ he wants, which is a great way to stay in tune with your child’s interests, thanks to the banners from previous years.)
The Pom poms are a hit in my daughter’s room.  I always bring them out for each of her parties. Don’t  have space to keep them?  Put them up for sale on Craigslist or your next garage sale. They will certainly be re-used that way!!!


Tags can be reused as bookmarks or even tied to lunch bags or backpacks as ID tags. Consider writing on the back of the leftover circle tags as lunchbox notes. Your kids aren’t at reading age yet?  Then draw shapes, letters, numbers, and colors and put those in the lunch bags to reinforce some lessons they are learning in school.  (You will even get kudos for being the involved parent too.  Win win!

Celebrate Earth Day!

Get the kids involved and excited for saving the planet in a fun way that is sure to make a lasting impression! Whether you are hosting an Earth Day party or just celebrating quietly with your children, make it extra fun and teach them about being earth-conscious with some fun activities that they can carry through a lifetime.


Use the recycled starter cups as cupcake wrappers for a super earth-chic look.  After everyone indulges in some treats, let them plant some seeds and watch their cupcake wrapper become home to a new plant.

These are adorned with cutsie “happy earth” tags (free printable found here), scraps of leftover ribbon, and popsicle sticks.


Play a “sort the recyclables” game.  Glass, plastic, paper, garbage?  Do they really know which is which?  Make it a game, get them involved, and teach them what happens when the “blue stinky” takes the recyclables.  (Our recycling truck is blue, and thanks to Toy Story 3, all garbage and recycling trucks are named “stinky.)
No electricity for an hour!  Can you do it?  Can you turn off the power for a full hour?  Come up with activities that don’t use electricity, and let the kids get creative with it.  See who has the best ideas.  Can you include battery-powered devices in that hour too?  It’s funny how we take those things for granted, especially children.  Save some money on your power bill and teach the kids about energy-savings.  Consider making this a weekly power outage.
Requesting and using earth-friendly products today, will keep our earth alive and striving for our tomorrow. Everyone can make a difference! 

Stacy Hunt
Pinkadot Shop

Choose to be Earth-conscious for your next soiree.   Here are some ways to do just that:

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