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In my house, getting back to school is tough on the kids.  Going from free-flowing anything-goes kind of day to the regimented school day, scheduled after-school activities and yes, that dreaded HOMEWORK, is tough to do!  I like to give them something to work toward.  Now, enter:  REWARD CARDS!

We keep them on the refrigerator, labeled with their name and what it is we are working toward.  For example, each of my kiddos has one for “Happy Homework; Complete it with a good attitude and try your best!”  For this one I went ahead and listed the reward they will get for filling the card; Lunch date at school with me!  They love it when we can surprise them with a special lunch (usually a junky food like a Personal Pan Pizza or Happy Meal, instead of the healthy packed lunches) and it gives them a break from their class and maybe a little bragging rights to their classmates. *wink*  I mean, c’mon, it won’t be long before mom showing up with a bagged lunch will be an embarrassment… I’m taking advantage of this phase where they still want me around.

The other card that is on the refrigerator is a “I caught you being good!  attitude – helping – listening.”  My sweeties really respond to verbal praise.  The cards is like an extra special praise.  They love it when I stop to say, “Wow, you did a great job!  Go check off a box on your card.”  It is AMAZING how just knowing those cards are there, they have been helping around the house, unprompted.  Just this week Haley retrieved the duster and started dusting all the furniture, and Brayden (who NEVER volunteers to help) put all his laundry away, without anyone asking it of him.  For this card I did not specify a reward.  Instead, I made a key ring of ideas for them to choose their own.  (These flip cards of reward ideas are also included on the free printable below – keep reading!)

And now, here we are to the part of the post where you get to download your very own!!!  Yes, it works!  Yes, its fun!  YES, IT’S FREE!!!  Please use these and share them with your friends and family.  Download your FREE Reward Cards by Pinkadot Shop HERE!

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