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As a mom of 2 very active kids, I am trying to get back into the swing of things with the new school year just beginning.  My 2 kiddos are both in school full time for the first year!  My oldest is a big First Grader now and my youngest is now in Kindergarten.  (Alternating tears and leaps of joy over here.)  The summer was super fun, and I will miss my daily goofing off adventures with those two.  Why?  Because I won’t have mini-playmates to take here and there on the spur of the moment.  Time to be regimented!  Daily practice of sight words, reading, addition and subtraction to get those key core skills under our belts.

Which brings me to the amazing people we entrust our precious sweeties to everyday… teachers!  Teachers are amazing, right?  This year, like last, I will be helping out as room parent.  I have created this little questionnaire for my kids’ teachers to fill out all about them and their needs, “Teacher’s Favorite Things.”  (Thanks to my friend Jenn W. for the idea!)  Once the teachers have filled them out, I will make copies and send it home to all the parents.  That way as the year goes on, and parents want to say a little “thank you” to those special teachers for all they do, it won’t be a guessing game as to what he/she likes for themselves, or needs for their classroom.  It is also useful at holidays and teacher appreciation time.  So, how do you get your very own copy, you may ask.  RIGHT HERE!  Did I mention it’s free?  Yeah, it most certainly is!  Come download your copy and share the link with your friends.  Lets get this school year started right!

Wishing you all a wonderful school year!!!!



Stacy Hunt
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