Team Spirit by Pinkadot

I was approached a couple weeks ago by one of the sweetest ladies. She may not have known me before then, but I certainly knew of her. She is one of those “Super Ultra Amazing I Can Do Anything & Everything” ladies in our community. I was thrilled when a friend and client passed my name along to her when she was in need of something special for her daughter’s High School Cheer Banquet. Hello Team Spirit!!!

Oh boy! I was so excited to get the opportunity to work with her on this. Plus, I just LOVE creating fun designs, especially when its for the high school I graduated from eons ago.  I took the cute saying she sent me, ” Cheerleaders have a little Extra Sparkle,” and added the logo and my own design touches to make it really SPARKLE!

Team Spirit by Pinkadot
It always makes me a little nervous sending the first proof over to a new client who may not know exactly what I do or whether my style meshes with theirs. And of course, I did NOT want to disappoint her. I mean, she’s like every parents’ mommy-idol. The pressure!!! ha ha.

Proof sent. Response received. She LOVED! The greatest compliments are those where the client says that I have exceeded their expectations.  I was on cloud nine.  Sighs of relief and simultaneously leaping for joy!!!

Team Spirit by Pinkadot

For this client I designed, printed and supplied the tags and bags and sparkly ribbons. She was going to fill and assemble herself. I did, however put together a few pictures of assembly ideas for favors and what to include in them.  These can also just be used as cards with special notes from teammates, however.

Let’s put these together!

Putting these together is a cinch!  Here’s what you need and also some ideas for what to fill the treat backs with.


  • Cardstock for Card Tags by Pinkadot Shop
  • Cellophane bags
  • Ribbon


  • Printer
  • Scissors or Paper Trimmer
  • Hole Punch

Favor Fillers:

  • Extra chewing Gum & Sparkly Nail Polish
  • Extra chewing Gum & Sparkly Lip Gloss
  • Extra chewing Gum & Sparkly Shredded Filler
  • Sparkly Earrings or Jewelry
  • Sparkly Hair Clip or Ribbon

Favor Fillers "Extra Sparkle"

Make these Sparkles Yours

Now that you can see how easy it is to put together, go to the shop and get your file in YOUR team colors!  Contact me if you want a custom creation or your school logo added.  Go here to see this listing right away!





Team Spirit by Pinkadot


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