I have been surprised by how many people love my Minnie collection.  I originally created it for a close friend who already had invitations but wanted all the “extras” to go with for her daughter’s party.  I finished up the collection with an invitation and thank you, but since the initial idea wasn’t all mine, I wanted to update it as well as create a coordinating Mickey set.  So, off I went.

Mr. M Mouse Invitation
Mr. M Mouse Thank You
Mr. M Mouse Favor Tags
Mr. M Mouse Tags

I started with Mr. Mouse, becasue those red pants and big buttons I just love.  I grew from there.  I adore the mouse gloves and the original Mickey style of sunburst in the background.

Miss M Mouse Invitation
Miss M Mouse Thank You
Miss M Mouse Favor Tags
Miss M Mouse Tags
The Miss Mouse design was simple after that.  I chose to do a remake of her skirt and petticoat, which is again the original style meeting the new.  I hope you all love it as much as I!!!
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